The Gospel often speaks of Jesus being on His way to Jerusalem and mentions different places that he visited along the way. These towns and villages are no longer spoken of as just other geographical areas. They are called the Holy Land. These are the places where God came to meet His People.
A place where God meets His people is a wonderful description of what church is. Our church is truly our Holy Land, where the ministry of Jesus continues today, and where God reveals Himself to His people and we come to know ourselves as children of God.
Through the church, we come to know God not only as the creator of life - but the protector and caretaker of every moment of our lives. He is our shepherd; we are the flock He tends. Being able to access the love and power of God each day has changed how we live our lives, how we deal with life's hurts and challenges. All are placed in God's hand for his caring and healing. We live our lives with a spirit of confidence and an inner peace. God is in charge and we trust Him. To know that you belong to God, to know that you can trust in God, is truly a life-giving gift. Having God in our lives is the greatest gift we can have. It is our salvation.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, our church, our Holy Land, is important to us because God is important to us. We come here to give thanks and praise to God, our Father. We come to deepen our relationship with God. We come here as His children. We belong to God. This is our spiritual home, our place of peace and renewal, our place of comfort and forgiveness. This is our Holy Land where today God meets his people and, with His loving care, leads them on their way to their new Jerusalem.
Welcome to our church.


Mass Schedule

4:30 PM Reconciliation
5:00 PM Mass
8:00 AM, 9:30 AM,
11:00 AM, & 7:00 PM
12:30 PM (Spanish)
Mon. - Fri.:
8:00 AM
8:30 AM - 8:00 PM
Eucharistic Adoration
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